urban disorder

series nr.4 of the cycle urban disorder


Urban disorder is a critical view on the way we develop and treat our environment. I was living on a small island with nearly untouched nature for over 10 years and after relocating to Vienna, the city where I was born, I found myself in a huge labyrinth under continuous construction. Based on my impressions I started to document my environment the way I experience it. For me, there is no better way to express these feelings with the technique of multiple exposures. The individual photographs are taken at the same place and time as the multiple exposures emerge "in cam". 

Photo print on Alu Dibond, Limited Edition of  3+1 & 5+1

min. size approx. 16'' x 24'' ( 40 x 60 cm) , Standard approx. 24" x 35" ( 60 x 90 cm) bigger sizes upon request

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