* 1982, Vienna

2001- 2005 studies university Vienna (languages, history of art)

2005 relocation to Spain (Canary Islands, Madrid & Mallorca)

2015 return to Vienna

2016 certification professional photographer (Wifi, Vienna)

2016 foundation of the association"Fotogruppe 47" (https://www.fotogruppe47.at)


2017-2018: masterclass artistic photography (LIK academy Vienna) 

2017 participant photo::vienna (MAK,museum of applied arts, Vienna) For impressions of the exhibitions, please check the link below:



  • CITYSCAPE                group exhibition, CICA museum, South Korea 30.3- 15.4.2018 For impressions of the exhibition, please check the link below:
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Z0E2Jw6c4L6PcAEo7FfCKwVAQTM3ui9
  • URBAN DISORDER  solo exhibition LIK gallery, Vienna Austria 28.6- 9.7.2018
  • ENVIRONMENTAL   group exhibition , MC Gallery New York, U.S.A 6.-18.8.2018
  • WATER AFFAIRS  group exhibition Fotogruppe 47 Vienna Austria 10.9- 16.9.2018
  • MEMORIES  group exhibition ;Millepiani exhibition space, Rome   Italy 5.10- 14.10.2018 
  • DAS HÄSSLICHE ENTLEIN group exhibition    
  • Art Gallery Vienna Austria 11.12.- 15.2.2019


    DAS HÄSSLICHE ENTLEIN group exhibition
  • Art Gallery Vienna Austria 11.12.- 15.2.2019
  •  LICHT & SCHATTEN group Exhibition
  • Galerie Eisennwaren Kamp, Vienna  14.10.-28.10.2019 

    curating & exhibiting: EUROPA group exhibition

    Art Gallery Vienna Austria 22.1.- 3.3.2019

     & Amtshaus Margareten 29.8.2019- 24.09.2019

    curating 4 kunstschaffen / Art hotel Vienna

    • Traumbilder-Bilder im Traum/ dreamvisions-visions of dreams 21.5.- 2.6.2019
    • loving dark romanticism 22.10.-3.11.2019

    • Porträt- Spiegel der Seele Jänner 17.1.- 16.2.2020


Jasmin Kajoui

about ...


I was born in Vienna, Austria where I grew up and studied. When I was 22 years old, I went to Spain where I spent over 10 years and experienced a different way of life. In 2015 I returned to my hometown  where I currently work and live.



I take pictures of what I see, and how I see it. As I perceive this world as a chaotic one, and my work reflects my personal interpretation, my photographs basically express disorder, confusion, overload...madness but also beauty. Beauty in it´s  obvious presence or hidden behind a veil. You can feel an aesthetic attraction - even in scary subjects.

After studying and trying out a lot of photographic genres, I found out, that experimental photography fits me the best. To express myself, I rather trust in my intuition, spontaneity and in coincidence than in technical perfection. My art is influenced by almost only painters like Kandinsky, Picasso, Miró and Dara, my father. I feel especially attracted to multiple exposure besides infrared, long term photography  and combinations of all of them. The playful use of technical means stands in stark contrast to the seriousness of the topics I choose, by which I want to catch attention as well as offer food for thought.

"The camera is my tool.Through it I give a reason to everything around it." André Kertész